The North Shuswap Historical Society was formed in 1985 with the goal of gathering and preserving the history of the North Shuswap and its surrounding areas.  The Society’s archives, located in Scotch Creek, have a collection of photographs, diaries, letters, documents and newspaper articles.  The Society currently holds monthly meetings at Celista to conduct society business, work on the Shuswap Chronicles, plan events and to discuss the history of the communities and settlements surrounding Shuswap Lake.

To date the NSHS has published ten volumes of the Shuswap Chronicles documenting the human history and settlement in and around Shuswap Lake.  The Society has also developed four Self-Guided Driving Tours of historical places in the North Shuswap.  Several geo-caches have been established taking adventurers to places with historical significance.

In 2015 the N.S.H.S. completed one of their goals by completing the reconstruction of an old log cabin as their museum.  The original Riley cabin has been ad addition to the two other museum cabins at T & L Reflections – A Little Museum.

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The little museum located in Scotch Creek on the shores of Shuswap Lake is filled with objects used and donated by the pioneers.  The log cabins were built in 1910 and 1918 respectively and reconstructed log by log at the present location.  Several books containing many old photographs are on display.

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Unlike the birth of Venus rising from the ocean on a seashell, the North Shuswap Historical Society arose, not from the waters of Shuswap Lake, but from the enthusiasm and excitement of the old timers who gathered to celebrate the North Shuswap Community Hall’s Fiftieth Anniversary on July 28, 1984.

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SHUSWAP Chronicles

The Shuswap Chronicles are filled with interesting vignettes of living from the early days of the North Shuswap.  These memories or short biographies are illustrated with many photographs and written by a variety of individuals.  To date the North Shuswap Historical Society has completed ten volumes.  Choose a volume and look at the Table of Contents of each Chronicle to see the variety of stories available.

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